Professional Development Workshops

Attend one of our Depth and Complexity Summer Conferences!

Experience the highest quality workshops as our team guides educators from your school/district in best practices for implementing Depth & Complexity. Our consultants (nearly all classroom teachers themselves) deliver training focused on the practical application of Depth and Complexity, encouraging teachers to use learned practices in their classrooms right away. Click HERE to download our Depth and Complexity PD Handout.  

The Depth and Complexity Framework is used in thousands of schools and districts to create appropriately differentiated and rigorous learning experiences for all students. While used originally within Gifted/Talented Education programs, Depth and Complexity has spilled over as intended, into the heterogeneous classroom. More than ever, educators are turning to Depth & Complexity as the pedagogical engine that ensures students are prompted to think critically.

Depth and Complexity PD Options

School Partnerships: 

  2 days of in-person training, online coaching, observation forms and rubrics
  4 days of in-person training, online coaching, observation forms and rubrics

District Partnerships: 

2 days of training at each school, online coaching sessions, observation forms and rubrics
✓  ToT Cohort:  5 days for Cohort, 1 day of demo lessons, development of district-specific training,  observation forms and rubrics, curriculum writing

Face-to-Face one day PD

  6 hours of PD
  Introductory, intermediate, and advanced PD available

Online Training:

  3 hour synchronous session
  3 hours of asynchronous activities

Asynchronous PD with the Depth & Complexity Video Library

Depth and Complexity PD Interest Form

Educators participating in Depth and Complexity workshops will:

learn classroom tested procedures for introducing and implementing the Depth and Complexity Iconic Prompts .

feel confident using all components of the framework: Depth and Complexity Icons, Content Imperatives, TLAD and Universal Concepts to provide appropriately differentiated learning experiences for all students.

understand techniques that promote school-wide commitment to the framework, thus ensuring Depth and Complexity becomes a foundational part of instruction.

have access to J Taylor Education/The Center for Depth & Complexity’s team of experts to assist in their Depth & Complexity journey.