Thanks for attending this Depth and Complexity workshop for Secondary Educators. We’re excited to help you incorporate these valuable thinking and differentiation tools into your instructional practices. For the first two hours of the PD, you’ll be watching a few instructional videos and discussing the content with your group – or the colleagues sitting closest to you. We suggest stopping the videos every 20 minutes or so to discuss content. If you would like to additionally stop the videos to practice the activities the presenters share, feel free to do so. Jot down questions you have and those will be answered when the face-to-face portion of the PD begins at 10:00 a.m.

Dr. Carrie Simpson, your trainer for the day, will begin the face-to-face portion at 10:00 a.m.

** About the videos:  These were recorded at different times during online PD offered by our organization over the past year. In some cases, you may hear references to different locations and dates based on when these were originally delivered. All handouts and content from both videos are applicable to Waxahachie Secondary Educators.

Please watch the following videos in order.

Video #1:  Introduction to Depth and Complexity for Secondary Teachers. Feel free to download resources used in this video.



Video # 2:  Depth + Complexity = The Differentiation Solution. Feel free to download resources used in this video.


Depth + Complexity = The Differentiation Solution