The Depth and Complexity Collection: the Newest Tool in Your Teacher Tool Belt

A common question we hear from teachers across the country is, “Where can I go to get quality educational resources?”

In a world where information is literally at our fingertips, it can be difficult for teachers to determine the best place to find five-star downloadable materials to use in the classroom. A quick online search of Depth and Complexity yielded an astounding 272 million results. While a more narrowed search of Depth and Complexity Math generates over 70 million results, that is still A LOT of posts to wade through. 

Once the search options are narrowed, the question becomes, “How do I know the resources and tools found are high quality and appropriate for my learners?” Educational resources and activities often come in a one-size-fits-all package that allows for little differentiation. 

Never fear; we have come up with a solution!

The Depth and Complexity Collection is an online marketplace comprising Kindergarten-12th grade resources created by Depth and Complexity Experts. Our goal is to empower teachers to use the framework in their activities, lessons, and units. Each downloadable resource is designed to provide students with rigorous, critical thinking opportunities centered around the content being taught.

Teachers can purchase individual items from the collection that meet their students’ needs. Additionally, a large number of resources can be downloaded for free. Simply sign in and download!

Check out the Depth and Complexity Collection today to find quality resources to use in your classroom immediately!

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