The Big Idea! Channel Island Fox through Depth and Complexity

Instructions for this assignment:


  1. Watch the Channel Islands Fox video below (under the assignment instructions).

  2. Using this Google Slide Big Idea Graphic Organizer, discuss relevant details, ethics and unanswered questions from the video. Or, you can download the PDF of the Big Idea Graphic Organizer. If you are not confident writing on a PDF, you can complete by hand, take a picture, and upload that way.

  3. Once you have filled out the information for the three D & C Iconic Lenses, write/type one Big Idea Statement on the top of the organizer.

  4. We will be using a writable Google slide with this link. Prior to uploading your assignment, please download the slide as JPEG or PDF. If needed, you can watch a short video on how to download the slides from Google. If you are not comfortable with Google Slides, feel free to print the graphic organizer and complete by hand.

  5. Once the assignment is completed, upload here.