Depth and Complexity Summer Online Conference

Thank you for participating in our Summer Depth and Complexity Online Conference. Our first Breakout Session begins on Tuesday, July 30th at 9:00 a.m. Central Standard Time (please check your time zones!) Simply click on the session you would like to attend. You can read over the session descriptions to decide which one you’d like to join. The session descriptions are also located on this page if you scroll below the Zoom links. If you have questions or problems with access, please contact us at Enjoy your day of Deep and Complex learning! 

Zoom Links

Session 1

9:00am-10:00am CST

  • Depth and Complexity for Administrators (K-12)
  • Depth and Complexity to Differentiate for All Learners (K-12)
  • Deepening the STEM Curriculum through TLAD Strategies (K-12)
  • Deepening the Humanities Curriculum through TLAD Strategies (K-12)

Session 2

10:15am-11:15am CST

  • Differentiated Learning Experiences in the Elementary Mathematics Classroom (K-5)
  • Cultivating Creativity with Deep and Complex Read Alouds (K-5)
  • Using Depth and Complexity to Differentiate and Empower Critical Thinking for STEM (K-12)
  • Leveraging Questioning Strategies with Depth and Complexity for Secondary Humanities (6-12)

Session 3

11:30am-12:30pm CST

  • Unleash your Student’s Creativity with the Depth and Complexity Framework (K-12)
  • Fight Initiative Overload with Depth and Complexity (6-12)
  • Depth and Complexity and the Emergent Bilingual Learner (K-12)
  • Scholarly Traits and Behaviors in the Elementary Classroom (K-12)

General Q&A after Session 3

Please feel free to join us for a brief question and answer period with our trainers at 12:30pm.