Depth and Complexity Implementation Guide
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The Depth & Complexity Framework is used in thousands of districts and schools to create appropriately differentiated and rigorous learning experiences for all students. While used originally within Gifted/Talented Education programs, Depth & Complexity has “spilled over,” as intended, into the heterogeneous classroom. While Depth & Complexity has been around for nearly three decades, more and more educators are currently turning to the framework as the pedagogical engine ensuring students have opportunities to maximize their learning potential while thinking critically about…everything!

Our Depth and Complexity Implementation guide prompts educators at all different levels to ponder and plan for meaningful Framework rollout and support. The implementation guide provides pathways, self-assessment forms, observation tools, and more to guarantee a comprehensive Depth and Complexity implementation.  

Recommended Hardcopy Depth and Complexity Resource Bundle

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Depth and Complexity Icon Cards
Depth and Complexity Icon Cards
Content Imperative Cards
Content Imperative Icon Cards
Q3 Question Stem Cards
Q3 Depth and Complexity Question Stem Cards
Differentiation Smart Reference Guide
Differentiation Smart Reference Guide
Depth and Complexity Icon Magnets (English)
Depth and Complexity Icon Magnets
Content Imperative Icon Magnets

Depth and Complexity Recommended Digital Resources

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Depth and Complexity Graphic Organizer Subscription
Depth and Complexity Software Suite

Implementation Guide Assessment Tools

Learn more about how to leverage the Teacher Self-Assessment, Reflection Questions, Walk-Through Forms, and Student Frame.