Questions and Statements with Iconic Prompts

Instructions for this assignment:

  1. Watch the “History through the Eyes of a Potato” video.

  2. Develop 6-8 thought provoking questions, ideas, or tasks for students using the Icons. You do not need to answer your questions or complete the tasks, but instead focus on creating challenging activities or tasks for students using the Icons, both individually and in combination. If you are familiar with the Content Imperatives, feel free to use them with the D & C Icons. A few examples…

    • Rewrite the script/redo the video from the eyes of another fruit or vegetable. (Multiple Perspectives)

    • Create a Big Idea Statement about the video. Justify your statement with evidence.

    • What were some relevant Patterns Over Time that led to the emergence, and ultimate importance of the Potato?

    • Examine the Convergence of Details that led to this video’s creation

  3. Type them up or write them out by hand and upload here. If you have any problems, please email them to: