The Thinking Guide: A Depth and Complexity Student Workbook, PBL Edition


Take the Project Based Learning process to the next level with our student workbook that leverages the invaluable Depth and Complexity Framework to prompt the highest levels of thinking. Students will love digging into their learning using these unique graphic organizers and activities. Teacher will be thrilled to have a concrete way to show evidence of differentiated instruction while empowering students to exceed expectations.

Workbooks are designed as consumables and are sold “one workbook per student.” Purchasing one workbook and making unlimited copies without the written consent of The Center of Depth and Complexity is prohibited by US Copyright laws.

Workbooks will ship in July 2024, before school begins! 



The Project Based Learning Depth and Complexity Workbook is a useful tool to support classroom learning. Each page of the workbook incorporates elements of the Depth and Complexity framework in order to facilitate authentic engagement and critical thinking for students. 

The primary objective of the Depth and Complexity framework is to provide students with challenging, differentiated learning opportunities by applying thinking processes to the study of the core curriculum. The Icons of Depth and Complexity and Content Imperative Icons are prompts used to initiate a more advanced and extensive thinking process. Students will be engaged and appropriately challenged as they work through the activities and formulate understanding of subject matter. The differentiated activities in this workbook are open-ended making the content accessible and appropriate for all levels of learners. 

This workbook contains 50 pages, organized into 7 differentiated Projects, with one page from every Project from each strategy category that prompts deep and complex thinking in the Project Based Learning process. There are additional note pages for students. It is recommended that students work through each page, completing all of the activities within a Project. However, this workbook does not need to be completed in our suggested order; the classroom teacher may instead select the activities to that best support the diverse needs of their learners. 

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