JTE-40D | Cinderella As You’ve Never Known Her: A Deep, Complex, And Multicultural Look eBook


“Cinderella, whose stepsisters go to great lengths to force their too-large feet into Cinderella’s petite, delicate footwear, emerges in many versions from around the world. Cinderella finds her prince from Mexico to China, from India to the shores of Lake Ontario, and all points in between.” All age groups can enjoy and learn in deep and complex ways about this iconic fairy tale character and the many cultures and settings in which she (or he) resides. We have employed depth and complexity dimensions and many thinking skill levels to allow teachers to differentiate for all learners. A collection of template work pages and projects provides opportunities for students to interact with the topic of multicultural tales. Additionally, this book includes an extensive bibliography of Cinderella tales from around the world. The authors’ exciting presentations on this subject provide a rich and welcome addition to any literature, history, or geography unit.