Content Imperative Cards


Just as keys unlock a door, the Content Imperatives unlock meaning of an area or topic of study. Content Imperatives, the other icons that belong to the Depth and Complexity Framework, provide students with a five prompts that initiate inquiry about any subject matter. They focus the investigation of a topic of study from a broad, general area to a more structured and specific one. This resource contains 5 content imperative cards (origin, contribution, parallel, convergence and paradox) along with 5 combo cards with a content imperative paired with an element of Depth and Complexity. The Content Imperative Cards are the perfect resource for teachers looking to empower deeper thinking while helping students create complex learning pathways using all the icons in different combinations. 



A complete set (11 in all) of content imperative cards and content imperative/depth and complexity combo cards, printed on thick 8.5 x 11″, 24 point card stock and coated. The front side of each card has an icon or iconic combinations pictured and the reverse side of each card contains multiple starter ideas related to implementing the icons(s) pictured. The final card shows all 5 of the imperatives plus 5 that are combined with a dimension of depth and complexity. There’s an accompanying instructional booklet that can be downloaded for free on our website with even more information and background on this method for developing sophisticated content and enhancing the power of The Depth & Complexity Icons/Prompts. For all grades.


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J Taylor Education was founded in 2006 with the primary focus to educate teachers on best practices for implementing the Depth and Complexity thinking tools into their instruction to provide differentiated learning opportunities for students. J Taylor Education is the official resource for Depth and Complexity and offers multiple print resources. J Taylor Education is the sole source publisher and official provider of Depth and Complexity Framework products and workshops. The Depth and Complexity Framework is the differentiation solution, providing instructional tools that empower students to be independent thinkers and creative problem-solvers. Used in over 125,000 classrooms, the Depth & Complexity Framework creates renewed learning excitement in the classroom. Learn more at Follow us on Twitter @JTaylorEdu


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