Problem Solving Frame

Instructions for this assignment:

  1. For this assignment, you will be creating TWO problem solving Frames. Please choose a problem (or scientific dilemma) that is appropriate and aligns with what you teach.

  2. You may hand-draw the Frame, use a standard Frame, use our Frames-Maker Software (this software is now free to use), or use this google slide with the Google Chrome Icon Extension that allow you to insert the Icons into your google slide Frame. If you use a google slide, please download the slide(s) as JPEG or PDF before uploading. If needed, you can watch a short video on how to download the slide from Google.

  3. Write the problem/dilemma inside the center of the Frame. Then choose four different iconic prompts/lenses, draw or place those in the Frame panels, and use your chosen icons to help you solve/understand the problem. Write in each panel how you would utilize that iconic prompt the solve your problem. Make sure to use at least a few different icons in your second Frame.

  4. Upload your Frames here.