New Year, New Depth and Complexity

That’s right, we’re all about the new changes at J Taylor Education this year! 

If you haven’t noticed, we have new products, a new website, a new way to earn credit hours through asynchronous videos, and so much more!

J Taylor Education: The Center for Depth and Complexity

The most noticeable change about J Taylor Education is our branding – we have long been the official company for all of your Depth & Complexity needs. And now we’ve made it… well, official! Check out our new logo. The same great training, the same great products, just a new look to help everyone remember that J Taylor Education is the OG of DC. 

The Center for Depth & Complexity

Another huge change is our brand new website. This baby has been years in the making and promises to become your one-stop-shop for all of the resources you will need to teach with Depth and Complexity. Be sure to take yourself on a virtual tour – there’s something for every level of DC educator. You’ll find free videos, examples, samples, images, and ideas for each portion of the Depth and Complexity framework. There is a place to learn more about effective ways to bring training to your school or district. If you want to dig into some of our newest digital products and software, there is a section for that.  The website will continue to grow and develop, based on your needs. Be sure to take a look around and then let us know what else you would like to see featured by clicking on the button at the bottom of the blog. 

The Depth & Complexity Library

The Depth & Complexity Library is your go-to online resource for asynchronous learning and downloadable teaching resources. The video portion of the library is home to over 80 recordings. These videos can be viewed as needed or can be paired with the accompanying hands-on assignments to earn PD credit. Another portion of the library houses our new Graphic Organizer subscription. Coming soon in late spring of ’23 will be the Depth and Complexity Collection: a must-have resource full of lessons, units, and activities. Three and six hour courses are being added as we speak. Does your district need the 30-hour GT certification course? That will also live in the Depth and Complexity Library soon!

The Depth & Complexity Library

The STEM Edition of Think Like a Disciplinarian Cards is our newest product. Full of easy-to-use ideas for 23 different STEM disciplines, this resource will soon become every teacher’s favorite. Students of all ages can use the cards to guide their own learning by focusing on language of the discipline, essential questions, task statements, and universal concepts to become true experts on course content. The TLAD cards definitely take teaching with Depth and Complexity to a new dimension.  Are you a language arts or social studies teacher? Be on the lookout for the humanities version of the TLAD cards soon!

Graphic Organizer Subscription

The highly anticipated Depth and Complexity Graphic Organizer product has arrived! The D & C Organizers are designed Google Slide format, making them easy to use with students. Each organizer has instructions, a demo video, samples, and both blank and lined options. Additionally, most are tiered for differentiation with iconic prompts already added. We launched with ten organizers and will be adding 1-2 per month for the foreseeable future. You’ll use the organizers over and over again with students. Implementing Depth and Complexity has never been this interactive and easy! 

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