Welcome Depth and Complexity Educators! This is a page for all participants that attended the MRESC Depth and Complexity workshops, which began on November 17, 2021 in Bellefontaine and continues with online workshops in February and April, 2022. Below you will find information about your upcoming online workshops along with other resource the activities that will help you implement D & C throughout the school year and beyond.

After the live portion of the upcoming online workshops, you will assigned a few asynchronous activities. Upon completion, you will receive feedback from our Depth and Complexity team as as well as another 6-hour completion certificate from The Center for Depth and Complexity/J Taylor Education. The live online workshops will last a combined 2.5 hours and then the asynchronous assignments, provided after each online workshop, will take you another 3 hours or so to earn that second 6-hour certificate.


Please choose to attend both workshops in either Option A or Option B

Option A: Thursday mornings, 6:30-7:45 am,  Feb.17th and April 28th

Option B: Tuesday afternoons, 3:00-4:15 pm, Feb. 15th and April 26th

February 15 and February 17 Online Workshop Descriptions

Making Depth & Complexity Work for ME! 

Now that you have attended an introductory Depth & Complexity workshop, it’s time to focus on using the Framework with your own specific curriculum and content? This workshops models the integration of several low-prep Depth & Complexity activities and sample lessons and then provides attendees with time to design some that align to their own content. Leave the sessions feeling confident about incorporating Depth and Complexity in anything you teach.

ASYNCHRONOUS ACTIVITIES to complete AFTER the February online workshops (these four along with one activity from the April online PD will allow you to earn another 6-hour completion certificate).

Google Shared Folder of Resources

Individual/Group Work from the online PD


  • Frames Software License (free lifetime license – Register for free, or if you have an existing license, it will be extended)

April 25 and April 27 Online Workshop Descriptions

Process Differentiation and “CAP”

Process Differentiation is under-utilized in our current educational system even though it is a distinct and critical phase in learning. Help students forge deeper understandings and improved retention by differentiating “process” in your classroom. This session focuses on how to use learning profiles (creative, analytical, practical) with the Icons for Depth and Complexity to develop lessons differentiated for process. We will explore lessons (CAP Activities) and create an activity/lesson to use immediately, employing the DC Icons to ensure a quality learning experience for students.


ASYNCHRONOUS ACTIVITIES for April online workshops