Maximizing Summer Break with Depth and Complexity: Teacher Planning Tips

Congratulations, Depth and Complexity teachers! You have completed another school year. Now, it is time for a much-deserved break. 

During the summer months, teachers often find themselves caught between the relief of a well-deserved break and the anticipation of preparing for the next school year. While it’s essential to recharge and relax, summer break also presents a valuable opportunity for teachers to engage in thoughtful planning that can set the stage for a successful school year ahead. 


Use this workbook and the practical tips below to make the most of your summer break for planning with Depth and Complexity:


  1. Reflect on the Past Year: Reflection using the iconic lens of Multiple Perspectives and Trends can provide valuable insights into areas for improvement and ideas for the future. Ask yourself the following questions.

 What was my experience as a teacher? What is my reason for teaching? What was my general mood this year? How did I listen to my own needs? What is my best quality as a teacher?

 What was my students’ experience? How did I make sure students had a voice? What strategies did I use to connect? What opportunities did they have to lead their learning?

 What is my planning process? Where do I usually begin? How do I ensure my students are set up for success? Who did I collaborate with?

 How did I organize my time this year? Was I efficient with my prep time? Did I use effective resources? Was there anything I should have said no to?


  1. Set Goals for the Upcoming Year: Set clear and achievable goals for the next school year based on your reflections. Ask yourself the following questions. 

 How can I improve student engagement? 

 What differentiation techniques can I use to inspire my students to lead their learning?

 What changes do I want to see in my classroom environment?


  1. Attend Professional Development Workshops: Summer break is an excellent time to participate in professional development workshops or conferences, and we have many great options right here on our site! 

Depth and Complexity Online Conference July 30th: Join us for an engaging, fun-filled morning of learning focused on mastering ways to implement the Depth and Complexity Framework to differentiate and empower critical thinking for ALL students. There will be three hours of live sessions to choose from, and all 15 session recordings will be available to you for an entire year. 

Depth and Complexity Asynchronous Courses: Learn about the components of the Depth and Complexity Framework at your own pace with our growing library of asynchronous PD/GT credit courses. Educators can purchase the courses individually or bundled together for extra savings.  


  1. Revise and Organize Curriculum: Review your current curriculum and identify areas that need updating or revision. Ask yourself the following questions.

 How can you incorporate elements of the Depth and Complexity Framework into your scope and sequence to create differentiated learning experiences? Use free and paid items from our DC Collection to supplement your lessons and activities. 

 What resources can you use to enhance your teaching and provide overarching support for your standards? 

 How can you collaborate with colleagues? Reach out to fellow teachers to brainstorm ideas, share resources, and develop projects. Working together can spark creativity and provide different perspectives on teaching strategies.


  1. Stay Flexible and Open-Minded: Lastly, remain flexible and open-minded as you plan for the upcoming school year. Ask yourself the following question.

 How can you plan for the coming year while still retaining a resilient mindset? Educational trends, school initiatives, and student needs may evolve, so be prepared to adjust your plans accordingly throughout the year.


Summer break is a precious time for teachers to recharge, reflect, and prepare for the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. Take the time to reflect, set goals, and plan to make next year the best one yet!

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