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D & C - Summit 2022

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  1. Getting Started with the Depth & Complexity Framework - Bonnecarrere
  2. Engage Using Scientific Phenomena - Brown
  3. Developing Rigor in K-12 Classrooms using Inductive Iconic Pathways - Tredick
  4. Helping Primary Students Understand the Concepts Embedded in the Icons - Solomon
  5. Today We Will... - Brillhart
  6. Thinking Like a Scholar - Harden
  7. Deep & Complex Leaders on Campus - Smith
  8. Using Questions to Teach with Depth & Complexity - Voss
  9. Keeping D&C Language Active - Solomon
  10. Teaching Math/Science with Depth & Complexity - Tredick
  11. Developing the Highest Level Thinkers with the CER and Iconic Connection - Brown
  12. Lesson Planning with Ease - Tredick
  13. Using the Content Imperatives to Strengthen the D&C Iconic Prompts - Tredick
  14. Connecting Cross-Cutting Concepts and Depth & Complexity - Brown
  15. Disciplinarian STEM Cards - Watkins
  16. Digital Q3 and Virtual Icon Responding to Literature Questions - Bonnecarrere
  17. PBL and DC for Secondary Science - Tredick
  18. Adding D&C to the Secondary ELA Curriculum - McKay
  19. Improving Essential Questions and the Depth & Complexity Framework - Brillhart
  20. Deep and Complex Questions for the EL Learner - Voss
  21. Using the Icons to Debate - Smith
  22. Laying the Foundation of a Depth & Complexity School: Accepting the Roles - Watkins
  23. Think Like a Disciplinarian - Tredick
  24. Adding D&C to the Secondary Social Studies Curriculum - McKay
  25. Deep & Complex Problem Solving Mats - Brillhart
  26. Integrating Social Emotional Learning and Depth & Complexity - Harden
  27. Language Arts Differentiation - Solomon
  28. Big Idea... Bigger Idea... THE BIGGEST IDEA! - Brillhart
  29. Q4 Software - Voss
  30. D&C Classroom Discussions - McKay
  31. Depth & Complexity Graphic Organizers - Bonnecarrere
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Adding D&C to the Secondary ELA Curriculum – McKay

In this course, participants will learn how to incorporate the prompts of Depth & Complexity into the secondary language arts curriculum to promote critical thinking and increase rigor.

Below are the steps for completing this 1-hour course.

  1. Watch the entire video. If you are choosing take the course (this is optional), you must complete and pass the culminating quiz. The quiz is not mandatory, and you may watch this video as many times as desired.
  2. The quiz will automatically appear below the video after it’s watched in its entirety. Handout: Session Handout Packet