Iconic Combination Statements

Instructions for this assignment:

  1. Consider the first two units of math and science you will be teaching when school begins.

  2. For each unit, create three to four statements or questions with iconic combinations. You may use the following template or use the question style found in the samples below:

    • We will use (INSERT ICONIC PROMPT) to evaluate/determine/theorize the (INSERT ICONIC PROMPT) of (CONTENT/AREA OF STUDY).”

    • With each statement, choose the iconic prompts that you think would develop rigorous thinking for that unit.

    • Click on these samples which include iconic combinations in question form. You can use either the statement or question form to create your iconic combinations.

  3. Using any word processing program (or just write by hand), create some rules and/or ethical statements to that will guide learning and learning expectations in your class.

  4. Upload your Assignment here.