Thanks for being part of the Huntsville online Depth and Complexity PD on January 7, 2022.  Below you will find links to your activities/assignments and information related to your online workshop, including resources to help you implement the Framework’s thinking tools into instruction. Links will be live the evening of January 6.


  • Depth and Complexity Icon Reference Sheet

  • Conversational Roundtable Version 2

  • Big Idea Note Taker w/Details G.O.

  • Depth and Complexity Icon Wheel

  • Summary Frame


  • Assignment 1 – Story Map

  • Assignment 2 – Frames

  • Assignment 3 – TED Learning analysis with D & C

  • The Channel Island Fox – Big Idea G.O.


Frames Software License (free)

Google Chrome Icon Extension  (free)

  • Digital Q3 Depth and Complexity Question Stem Resource

  • DCAP Depth and Complexity Differentiation Software

  • Digital Depth and Complexity Icon Cards and Posters

Recording of your training  (available by January 10, 2022)