Can I get a hard copy of an E-Book?

If you are purchasing a bulk order (20+), and prefer to have hard copies vs. E-Books, you can contact us directly at 951-837-0243 or info@jtayloreducation.com to place your order. Please note that the price of the hard copy is more than an E-Book.

Why is my name and email stamped in my E-Book?

Each E-Book comes with a single-user license. The E-Book is licensed to the person making the purchase. The “stamp” in the E-Book denotes to whom the book is licensed. If you are purchasing an E-Book as a gift for someone, please call 951-837-0243 or email info@jtayloreducation.com us and we will manually stamp the person’s name for you.

J Taylor Education’s Return Policy

J Taylor Education, Inc. stands behind its products. Therefore we will accept returns and provide refunds on products you purchase from us. If you are having an issue or would like to request a return, please contact us at info@jtayloreducation.com with your order number and return/refund request. We do prefer you request a return and/or refund within 90 days of your original purchase.