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Welcome Douglas County Educator – this is your very own Depth and Complexity page. Use the links to access the optional activities (links will be live following your training) to help you practice D & C and other resources that will help you implement D & C throughout the school year.

Slides from Presentation

Handouts/Reproducibles from D & C Training

Depth and Complexity Graphic Organizers

Extra Resource Handouts/Activites

These are used in conjunction to make traditionally scripted curriculum and instruction more open-ended, triggering and stimulating all students’ abilities.

Depth and Complexity Activities (all are optional):

Additional Resources

Session recording from your live training (available by February 8)

For the following three software/online resources, your Douglas County login is:




Differentiation Task Statement Software with Icons

Digital Q3 Question Stems and Icon Lit Response Questions

Digital DC Cards and Posters

And there’s still more…

Frames Software License (free lifetime license )

Video & Student Sample Library (February 2021)