Digital Solutions

New Depth and Complexity Resources

Our newest resources, including softwares, videos, and digital items, help educators and students continue using Depth and Complexity during remote, hybrid, or in-person learning. We’re excited to share our new products with you.

* Licenses are available to individuals, schools and departments/districts.

Digital Q3 Cards D&C Question Stems and Icon Game Responding to Lit Questions

This resource provides both teachers and students a fun way to access our Q3 Cards Icon question stems as well as our Icon Literature Response Game questions in an online format. Enjoy “rolling” for Icons so your students can analyze content through the various Depth & Complexity lenses. This is a must have for classes and schools that already use these hard products or for any looking to use Deep and Complex questions with their students.

Depth & Complexity Task Statement Differentiation Software

Create differentiated Task Statements for up to three levels of learners (in the form of “I can/I will”) with the click of a button. Students can even create their own task statements and iconic pathways. Download your differentiated objectives as a PDF and plan your integration of Depth and Complexity for the entire year.

Google Chrome Extension Icons!

Using the Icons has never been easier. Please share this with colleagues and students. The best part – they’re free!

Digital Depth & Complexity Cards and Posters

This product allows teachers and students to access the: D & C Cards, Posters, and Student/Mini Cards (along with the Content Imperative versions of these same products) in a digital format to access on school or home devices.

Video and Asynchronous Course Library

Watch videos on best practices for implementing Depth & Complexity. Our short clips will always be free and launch in February 2021. For those wanting to delve deeper, we have a subscription service to access our 15-20 and 30-60 minute instructional videos. In addition, access packages are offered for admins and coordinators allowing them to embed videos into their own professional development.