Differentiated Task Statement Activity – 5 Topics

Instructions for this assignment:


  • Choose FIVE different topics/lessons you teach during the year. If you are not currently teaching, choose topics that interest you and are aligned to Alabama Standards.

  • Create THREE differentiated task statements for each topic that increase in challenge for different levels of learners. You’ll end up with 15 total task statements. Remember the task statement contains: Thinking Skill, Depth and Complexity Icon(s), Resources, and Product.

  • Feel free to use Content Imperatives if you have worked with them.

  • You can write these out on paper, type them up, or use either of these templates for your statements. Or, feel free to use our DCAP Task Statement Software. To login to your trial account:

    • Username:  alsde

    • Password:  alsdeicons


  • Complete the task statements and upload here. If you have any problems uploading,  email the templates to: info@jtayloreducation.com.


  • Example:  Looking at Civil War Battles

    • Students will summarize the details of the Battle of Gettysburg and the Battle of Antietam. They will organize information using an article and share their findings in 2-3 paragraphs.

    • Students will determine the relevance of the rules of warfare in either the Battle of Gettysburg or Antietam. They will gather their information watching a video and debate in class.

    • Students will create and defend two Big Idea statements from different perspectives about the Battle of Antietam. They will gather/organize information interviewing a Civil War expert and teach a lesson to the class.