Depth and Complexity Workshops – Not Your Average PD

What makes Depth and Complexity PD unique?

Professional development can sometimes get a bad rap. It typically includes hours of “sit and get” style instruction that may or may not be applicable to every teacher’s role. If you are tired of the traditional model of teacher training, J Taylor Education and The Center for Depth and Complexity have you covered. With over 16 years of professional development experience across the country, we can deliver a meaningful, differentiated training experience tailored to fit each of your teachers’ needs. Our practitioner trainers are teachers themselves. That means they are able to walk alongside your team to develop learning opportunities that inspire students and cultivate an environment of critical thinking because they have tried them all in their own classrooms. 

What will my teachers learn?

This is where things get fun! While we have a common structure for walking participants through the natural progression of the Depth and Complexity framework, we love working with districts and schools to create personalized training. Whether your teachers are Depth and Complexity novices or experts, our workshops engage participants in worthwhile discussions, activities, and planning that will empower their teaching and inspire student learning. 

Our promise to you is that our training is meaningful. The day is chock-full of easy to implement rigorous, differentiated activities and ideas that teachers can use in their classrooms the very next day. 

We understand that educators face unique challenges when designing differentiated learning opportunities for students. Depth & Complexity meets those challenges, becoming the pedagogical engine that ensures students are prompted to think in a deeper manner about content. The Depth & Complexity Framework provides educators with concrete tools that help students achieve the highest levels of thinking. Based on the foundation that students should approach learning in ways similar to professionals/experts, Depth and Complexity has become the “go-to” technique for teachers to differentiate, making traditionally scripted curriculum more open-ended. 

How can I structure my PD?

Our workshops focus on differentiating using the Framework’s tools to empower the highest levels of thinking for all students, including the G/T population.  Districts that have found the most success in implementing Depth and Complexity create an ongoing partnership with J Taylor Education to provide several district-specific professional development days across a year or two. You can find our newest PD brochure detailing some of those options HERE.

School Partnerships Include: 

  2 days of in-person training, online coaching, observation forms, and rubrics
  4 days of in-person training, online coaching, observation forms, and rubrics

District Partnerships Include: 

2 days of training at each school, online coaching sessions, observation forms, and rubrics
✓  ToT Cohort:  5 days for Cohort, 1 day of demo lessons, development of district-specific training,  observation forms and rubrics, curriculum writing

Face-to-Face one day PD includes:

  6 hours of PD with GT update credit if needed
  Introductory, intermediate, and advanced PD available

Online Training Includes:

  3 hour synchronous session
  3 hours of asynchronous activities

Other Options:

Asynchronous PD with the Depth & Complexity Library

How do I sign up?

Our summer PD calendar is filling up fast! Be sure to contact us ASAP with your professional development needs. We look forward to partnering with you and your teachers for the most meaningful training available. 

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