Depth and Complexity Webinars

Every month, J Taylor Education offers a live webinar to our members. These interactive virtual sessions offer educators resources and strategies to inspire critical thinking in their classrooms. 

Can’t make it to the live session? Recordings will be available to watch later. 

January 30th Leveraging FREE Depth and Complexity Resources

Our website is full of free resources. Whether you are new to the Depth and Complexity Framework or have been using it with your students for years, there’s something for you! Join us as we explore free videos, templates, activities, and more. 

February 27th Digging into the Depth and Complexity Software Suite

The Depth and Complexity Software Suite is a favorite among educators. Log on with us to learn about the 8 digital resources, question creator software, and task statement creator software. We will explore strategies for classroom use, discussion, and planning. 

March 26th Document Thinking with Depth and Complexity Graphic Organizers

Depth and Complexity Graphic Organizers prompt students to think critically about content and document their ideas in a concise manner. Join us to learn how to use this differentiated tool to incite rigorous learning experiences in your classroom.

April 30th Classroom-Ready DC Activities at Your Fingertips

No need to re-create the wheel! Join us as we explore the DC Collection: your one-stop shop for lessons, activities, and resources created by Depth and Complexity experts.