Depth and Complexity Trainer Page

Consultant Expectations

  • Notification of Training
    • Sign contract within 2 business days of receipt
    • Book travel at least one month before event
    • Fill out pre-training form
    • Set up a Zoom with Kim (if working with elementary) or Parker (if working with secondary) 10-14 business days before training date to go over presentation
    • Set up a phone call or Zoom with John/Sunny 5-10 business days before training date to go over logistics
    • Respond to the contact/admin through the group email one week before the event
  • Day of Training
    • Arrive at your location site 30 minutes before the event start time. Know your location the night before you arrive. Always have the cell phone number of your main contact. 
    • Professional dress – company polo or business attire.
    • Use the official Center for Depth and Complexity slide decks. If you would like to add slides or info to your presentation, you must submit that in writing with reasons for wanting the addition. 
    • Use only approved activities. You may appeal to The Center for Depth and Complexity Creativity Cohort and use your activity if approved.
    • Make sure participants understand we are not teaching the Icons – we are empowering teachers and students with tools that prompt them to think abstractly and at high levels.
    • We are a consulting and publishing company. Products purchased by districts for training must be used during the training. That information will be conveyed during the logistics meeting.
    • Upsell customers when you are working. They will have some products but try and sell the other ones that are part of the Depth and Complexity Implementation Plan.
    • Ensure that participants are on the J Taylor/Center for Depth and Complexity website during the day to download the Chrome Extension and learn about the free resources, even if they did not purchase any of the digital resources/software.
  • After Training

Admin/Site Expectations

  • Administrator present the entire day of training
  • Printed handout packet for each participant
  • Any products ordered available to use/showcase (i.e. Depth and Complexity Icon Cards, Magnets)
  • Projector or screen with HDMI connection
  • Room set up in table groups from size 4-6 participants – We recommend that participants be grouped by similar content area or grade level 
  • For each table group please have: Markers, pens or pencils, Sticky notes, Blank printer paper (8.5 x 11), Three or more sheets of chart paper or butcher paper 
  • Microphone and sound system (Optional for a small group session of less than 25 participants)

Booking Travel/Lodging

  • Flights
    • J Taylor credit card
    • Book as early as possible
    • May not be the last flight of the evening
  • Car
    • Ride Share: J Taylor Corporate Uber account
    • Rental: J Taylor Corporate Avis account
    • Personal Vehicle: mileage