D & C Task Statements – The Impossible Burger

Instructions for this assignment:


  1. Watch The Impossible Burger video below (under the assignment instructions).

  2. Create five different task statements related to this video. Remember the task statement contains: Thinking Skill, Depth and Complexity Icon(s), Resources, and Product.

  3. Feel free to use Content Imperatives if you have worked with them.

  4. You can write these out on paper, type them up, or use either of these templates for your statements. Or, feel free to use our DCAP Task Statement Software. To login to your trial account:

      • Username:  alsde

      • Password:  alsdeicons

  5. SAMPLE: Students will compare and contrast the ethics from different perspectives about the creation and sales of the Impossible Burger. They will use the The Impossible Burger video and teach a lesson to the class.

  6. Once the assignment is completed, upload here.