Hello Colorado Educators. This is your very own page with information regarding access and ways to use the Depth and Complexity software programs and videos that you have access to. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at:  info@jtayloreducation.com

Registration Instructions

Colorado educators must register prior to using the Depth and Complexity Software programs and Depth and Complexity Video Library (even if you have used these previously).

To register for the Four Online Software Programs:

** Make sure you register prior to logging in. 

To register for the D & C Video Library:

** You must be logged in to watch the videos.

Depth and Complexity Software Instructional Videos

The video below provides a complete overview of the Depth and Complexity Online Software.

The video below focuses on  the Depth and Complexity and Content Imperative Cards.

The video below digs deeper into the Q3 Question Stem and Responding to Literature Questions. 

The video below examines the DCAP Differentiated Task Statement Software. 

The video below takes a closer look at the Q4 Question Creator Software. 

Depth and Complexity Video Library