Welcome Carroll ISD Educator – this is your very own Depth and Complexity page. Use the links (links will be active once your training ends) below to find your assignments and discover information related to your online workshops and to navigate through resources to help you implement the Framework’s thinking tools into instruction.

Assignments 1-3 are meant to be completed by Carroll educators that participated in both the Introductory Session and the Iconic Combination Session.

* If you took part in the Iconic Combination/Pathways session, please include Content Imperatives and Iconic Combinations in your assignments when possible.

**Assignment 4 is only for those that were part of the Iconic Combinations session led by Brittney Varao.

Resources and session recordings from your live training (available week of August 3)


  • Frames Software License (free for year – Register for free)

  • Video and Student Sample Library (access begins on 8-3)