CAP Activity Lesson

Instructions for this assignment:


  1. For this assignment, you will be completing TWO “CAP Planning Templates”. Use the CAP Template Google Slide, or print or download the CAP Activity Planning Template.

  2. Determine TWO specific learning objectives you want to use. Remember, this should be something you will teach early in the school year, that you need the students to remember, and that is fairly narrow in scope. (Short fiction or WW2 would be too broad; metaphors in poetry, or order of operations in algebraic equations would better suited.)

  3. Use the icons table to determine which thinking tool/icon you will use for the CAP activity. Let this help you as you design the tasks for each of the three thinking domains.

  4. Design your three task options all on the same learning objective. Determine one task for Creative domain, one task for Analytical domain, and one task for Practical domain. Complete the CAP table on the template. Make sure your learning objective is clearly stated in each task option.

  5. Use an icon-inspired reflection to end your activity. All students should do the same reflection after the CAP activity.

  6. Submit your finished CAP template on our upload form. You can hand write or use a PDF writing software (Adobe, Preview, Google Sheets/Drawing for example). If you have questions, contact us at: