“BAG UP” Your Depth and Complexity Knowledge

  • Using this “BAG Up” Depth and Complexity Google Doc select 6 Depth and Complexity icons you wish to use to design unique learning experiences for your students. Type a detailed explanation for your learning experiences directly on the Google file next to each of the icons you choose. If you prefer to print the file and write by hand, that is fine.

  • You can check out examples with two icons here.

  • Your learning experiences may be designed:

    • with one topic/content/standard in mind – where you add how you’d incorporate the 6 Icons within one topic, OR

    • You can choose different topics/content for each of the 6 icons that you choose.

  • We will be using a writable Google Doc for this assignment. Prior to uploading your assignment, please download the slide as JPEG or PDF. If needed, you can watch a short video on how to download files from Google. If you are not comfortable with Google Docs/Slides, feel free to print the graphic organizer and complete it by hand.