Instructions for this assignment:


  1. Choose ONE topic you teach and create the following questions:

    • 4 Icon Questions (separate with a single icon)

    • 3 Iconic Couple Questions

    • 2 Iconic Intersection Questions

    • 1 Iconic Pathway Question

  2. Complete the Assignment doing one of the two:

      • Download the Template/Organizer. You can fill out by hand or using a PDF writing software like Adobe or Preview.

      • Use Google slides with this link. If you use the google slide, please download the slide as JPEG or PDF before uploading. If needed, you can watch a short video on how to download the slides from Google.

  3. Please review this sample if you need some inspiration.

  4. When you complete the questions and have your files/questions ready, upload them here. If you’re having problems, let us know at [email protected].