Aldine ISD
Depth and Complexity Implementation Successes

Over the past school year, The Center for Depth and Complexity has been fortunate enough to work with Aldine ISD, both with Advanced Academics and several showcase schools. During that time, Aldine teachers and students have successfully started using The Depth and Complexity Framework to develop rigor and provide differentiated learning opportunities for all students. Below you will find a few videos and some feedback that Aldine teachers have provided during their first year using Depth and Complexity. We cannot wait to continue our partnership with AISD and empower students to create their own learning pathways while becoming critical thinkers. 

Below are a few videos recorded by Aldine teachers that were part of the initial Showcase School Implementation Model that took place in 2023-2024 school year.

Tell us a bit about your Depth and Complexity Experience in Year 1?

Examples of Depth and Complexity Activities and Products

What are other Aldine teachers saying about Depth and Complexity?