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The Center for Depth and Complexity

About the Depth & Complexity Video Library

While the COVID shutdown created the most challenging learning environments of most of our lifetimes, it allowed J Taylor/The Center for Depth & Complexity to complete several projects that had been in limbo for a few years. The most anticipated of those was our Depth & Complexity Video Library. We’re excited to finally make this incredible resource a reality. The library consists of a few different types of Depth and & Complexity videos and resources, including:

  • 3-10 minute quick-hitter videos related to best practices for implementing Depth & Complexity (these will always be free to watch)
  • 15-25 minute videos that take a deeper look at one or two ways to introduce and/or use Depth & Complexity (included with paid subscription)
  • 30-55 minute videos that have been turned into courses. Once the culminating course quiz is passed, a completion certificate for one-hour of PD/GT/Clock Hours is available to print, and emailed (included with paid subscription)
  • a video embedding feature for district staff allowing those leading training in their own district/school to embed clips from any library video into their own PD

New quick-hitter videos will be added several times annually and there will always be at least 16 course videos available for teachers to earn PD hours. Course videos are changed around three times per year, similar to Netflix. Both beginners and those already using Depth and Complexity will find appropriate video content for their learning needs. 

Since The Center for Depth & Complexity believes in sharing classroom-proven strategies for using Depth and Complexity, our trainers are all practitioners. They use Depth and Complexity’s differentiation and thinking tools with students every year and on a regular basis. All of the trainers have extensive experience using Depth and Complexity and present low-prep ways to prompt critical thinking from all students. Additionally, The Center for Depth and Complexity is keeping the framework close to home – its owner John Gould is the son of one of the creators, Bette Gould. Although retired and enjoying time with her grandchildren, Bette played an important role in video content and trainer selection. It was important to John to maintain the authenticity of Depth and Complexity, and in watching our Depth and Complexity videos, you are receiving instructional ideas and techniques directly from the original Depth and Complexity Tree – from the “horses mouth” so to speak. We can’t wait to share the incomparable Depth and Complexity Framework with you. See you inside!