Below are the steps for completing this 1-hour asynchronous course.

  1. Watch the video for the course. Please watch the video the entire way through PRIOR to working on the assignment.

  2. Download/open the PDF handouts used during the course, or that will be helpful resources.

  3. Complete the culminating assignment when you have completed the video.

  4. If you have questions, send us an email at: [email protected].




Instructions for this assignment:

  1. Watch the Instructional Video below.

  2. Choose TWO topics you teach and create the following questions:

    • 4 Icon Questions (separate with a single icon)

    • 3 Iconic Couple Questions

    • 2 Iconic Intersection Questions

    • 1 Iconic Pathway Question

  3. Complete the Assignment doing one of the two:

      • Download the Template/Organizer. You can fill out by hand or using a PDF writing software like Adobe or Preview.

      • Use Google slides with this link. If you use the google slide, please download the slide as JPEG or PDF before uploading. If needed, you can watch a short video on how to download the slides from Google.

  4. Please review this sample, also covered in the course video, if you need some inspiration.

  5. When you complete the questions and have your files/questions ready, upload them here. If you’re having problems, let us know at [email protected].